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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When he wakes up, what does Conway see out his window?
(a) snow covered peaks and glaciers
(b) the lights of a runway
(c) lightning in the clouds
(d) the lights of a large city

2. Why are the British evacuating white residents from Baskul to Peshawar?
(a) there are flood waters in Baskul
(b) there is an outbreak of malaria in Baskul
(c) the political situation is worsening in Baskul
(d) more people are needed in Peshawar

3. What does Mallison insist about the flight?
(a) that they are bucking a headwind
(b) that the pilot is going off course
(c) that the plane will be late
(d) that the seats are uncomfortable

4. What happens when they attempt to speak to the pilot?
(a) he assures them everything is all right
(b) they learn he cannot speak English
(c) he locks the door to the cockpit
(d) he points a gun at them

5. What happens on the ship after Conway becomes depressed?
(a) for twenty hours he pours his heart out to Rutherford
(b) he goes on a hunger strike
(c) he goes to his cabin and refuses to come out
(d) he attempts several times to jump overboard

Short Answer Questions

1. When the plane lands to refuel, what do the passengers see out the window?

2. As they take off, what does Mallinson observe and mention to Conway?

3. How is Conway described?

4. Where had the pilot told Conway they are?

5. What do the Tibetans believe that Miss Brinklow thinks is horrible?

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