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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Conway believe that causes him to lead the group to the lamasery the pilot told him about?
(a) that they will all die trying to find it
(b) that it really does not exist
(c) that they will never find it
(d) that Buddhist monks are unlikely to murder them

2. What does the pilot do when he regains consciousness?
(a) he speaks to Conway just before he dies
(b) he holds a knife to Miss Brinklow's throat
(c) he tries to find his pistol
(d) he jumps up and runs away

3. Why are the British evacuating white residents from Baskul to Peshawar?
(a) there are flood waters in Baskul
(b) more people are needed in Peshawar
(c) there is an outbreak of malaria in Baskul
(d) the political situation is worsening in Baskul

4. What surprises Conway and the others?
(a) the man has brought bowls of hot soup
(b) the man speaks to them in French
(c) the man speaks perfect English
(d) the man communicates with sign language

5. What do Mallinson and Miss Brinklow conclude about the pilot?
(a) that he's insane
(b) that he's a secret agent
(c) that he's harmless
(d) that he's a kidnapper

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Green, Rutherford, and Tertius have in common?

2. What does the American attempt to do?

3. How does the name of Conway come up in the conversation?

4. What happens on the ship after Conway becomes depressed?

5. On board the ship to Honolulu, what does Conway play on the piano?

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