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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the men do in the plane after giving up plans to take out the pilot?
(a) start to drink brandy
(b) go immediately to sleep
(c) have a cigar
(d) plan what to do when they land

2. What nourishment do they offer the four survivors?
(a) yak jerky
(b) fruit and wine
(c) brandy
(d) hot soup

3. Why has Conway been satisfied with his position in Baskul?
(a) he prefers adventure to plum posts
(b) he is studying Hindi
(c) he is ambitious and it is a stepping stone
(d) he prefers the weather to that of London

4. What is the man wearing in the hooded chair?
(a) a suit of armor
(b) a blue blanket
(c) a blue Chinese robe
(d) a fur coat

5. What is the man's name who has come out to meet them?
(a) Chung
(b) Ching
(c) Chang
(d) Chong

Short Answer Questions

1. Late at night, what does the airplane encounter?

2. What is the loud noise they hear?

3. What do they have to do to get to the lamasery?

4. What happens when they attempt to speak to the pilot?

5. Where had Rutherford found Conway?

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