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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When he is with the others, what does Conway pretend?
(a) that he wants to leave
(b) that he knows how they can leave
(c) that the High Lama cannot speak any language he knows
(d) that he learned nothing from the High Lama

2. As the survivors head out to find the lamasery, what do they see?
(a) four men carrying a litter
(b) four men leading a llama
(c) four men carrying guns
(d) four men waving a blue flag

3. What does Chang tell Barnard about newspapers at Shangri-La?
(a) there are old copies of Chinese newspapers
(b) there are old copies of the London Times
(c) newspapers are not available except to the lamas
(d) there are no newspapers there

4. As they start down, how does the weather change?
(a) it gets much colder
(b) the wind dies down
(c) it starts to rain
(d) the sun comes out

5. What is the man wearing in the hooded chair?
(a) a fur coat
(b) a blue Chinese robe
(c) a suit of armor
(d) a blue blanket

Short Answer Questions

1. After climbing up the mountain, what do they face next?

2. Who does Barnard turn out to be?

3. What is Karakal?

4. How old is the most recent book in the library?

5. What precaution do the Tibetans take for their safety?

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