The Lost Horizon Multiple Choice Test Questions

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1. Where is the opening scene of the novel?
(a) a flight to Baskul, a town in Persia
(b) Tempelhof Airport near Berlin
(c) a plane out of India
(d) at Heathrow Airport in London

2. What do Green, Rutherford, and Tertius have in common?
(a) they are old school chums
(b) they are all traveling to Baskul
(c) they are all novelists
(d) they are British agents

3. When Sanders joins the three men, what does he talk about?
(a) the evacuation of Baskul
(b) the price of oil
(c) gold mining
(d) the threat of war

4. What does Sanders say happened that has never been explained?
(a) a strange Tibetan monk got on one plane
(b) one of the planes could not get off the ground
(c) it snowed in Baskul the day the planes left
(d) a plane with three passengers disappeared

5. How does the name of Conway come up in the conversation?
(a) Green asks if anyone has heard from him
(b) Sanders says he saw him in Shanghai
(c) Tertius says he just got a letter from Conway
(d) He was one of the passengers on the missing plane

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