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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)



The student will take notes on the novel and author James Hilton to begin the study of LOST HORIZON.

The student will be able to define Hugh Conway as a man who had a profound impact on others all his life.


Classroom activity:

1. Teacher lecture centering on three points: (1) The novel as a parable of Utopia; (2) The author as being discovered by American publishers; (3) The

literary device of using the transcript of what Conway told Rutherford on board a ship to tell the story.

2. After the brief teacher lecture, discuss: (1) Man's interest in the idea of a Utopia, how it has been tried, and why it always fails. (2) The difficult and often

accidental path of a book to become a best seller. (3) What effect Green's becoming the narrator of the novel has on the reader. Does it lend credence

to the tale? Does the...

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