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Select a High Lama

Have each of the students explain his or her qualifications to be the High Lama. Then hold a secret ballot vote to elect the High Lama for the class.

Listen to Chopin

If you cannot arrange for a piano recital in the music room, play a recording of a Chopin etude to get the feel of the music heard in Shangri-La.

The Trip to Oz

Show the introduction to the film, THE WIZARD OF OZ, where the black and white of Kansas becomes the colorful Land of Oz. Then compare that to coming from the bleak black and white landscape of the Tibetan mountains onto the colorful pavilions of Shangri-La.

See Segments of the Movie

Show segments from the movie, LOST HORIZON, in class to discuss how the Hollywood idea of Shangri-La compares to your ideas.

Sketch the Mountain

Have students make sketches of...

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