The Lost Horizon Character Descriptions

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Glory Conway

He is not controlled by his passions, which makes him somewhat of a lazy person without much ambition.

Captain Charles Mallinson

He resents being in Shangri-La and can hardly wait to get out of there. He does not believe the tale Conway tells him about Shangri-La.

Roberta Brinklow

A middle-aged, average looking missionary from the London Mission Society, she is one of the four passengers on the ill-fated plane to Shangri-La.

Henry D. Barnard

An American, heavy-set and middle-aged man who is wanted by the police in several countries because of his shady financial dealings under his real name, Chalmers Bryant.


He has been a monk for many years and has achieved tranquility of spirit. He is very hospitable to the four guests and takes pains to make them comfortable.

The High Lama (Father Perrault)

A very old Chinese-looking man in beautiful robes who sits...

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