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• The story of THE LOST HORIZON begins in a social meeting of some old classmates who all knew Hugh Conway while in school.

• It appears that each of them was more affected by having known Conway than they consciously realized.
• A young pilot named Sanders joins the group and discusses the plane that went missing in Baskul some years before.

• Rutherford knows a great deal more than he admits to at Tempelhof and goes off alone with Woodford Green.
• Rutherford gives Green a manuscript he has written from Conway's tale told while they were at sea.

• Rutherford leaves still trying to locate Conway again and the manuscript is the basis of the story that follows.

Chapter 1

• Conway's story begins in Baskul, India, during an evacuation of Anglo-American-Europeans because of war.

• Four characters are described in detail who have boarded a plane loaned by the Maharajah of Chandapore...

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