Objects & Places from The Lost Hero

Rick Riordan
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The Greek (and Roman) Gods

These are beings from classical mythology who ruled over mortals and the mortal world. They had special powers, and represented certain aspects of the world, human nature, and civilization.

Venti/Anemoi Thuellai

They are storm spirits that exist in both Greek and Roman mythology.


This is a creature from Greek mythology that has the body and head of a human and the horns, hooves and legs of a goat.

Half Blood/Demigod/Hero

In this story, they are created when one of the Greek gods has a love affair with a mortal.

The Mist

This is used by gods and other magical beings to hide what they truly are from mortal eyes.


This is the name of the dagger that once belonged to Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman in the world.

Celestial Bronze

In this story, this is...

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