The Lost Hero Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Rick Riordan
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Essay Topic 1

How are the Gods connected to the real world? How are the Gods able to have relationships with mortals?

Essay Topic 2

How does being demigods effect the children at the beginning of their lives? Why is it important that the Camp Half Blood tries to get hold of the children as quickly as possible?

Essay Topic 3

How is Camp Half Blood set up? Why is it so important to the Gods and the demigods?

Essay Topic 4

What are the differences between demigods and gods? What are their separate roles within Greek mythology?

Essay Topic 5

What do the Gods and their characters state about Greek and Roman society? How did the Gods and people's belief in them affect day to day society?

Essay Topic 6

What does the book suggest are the differences between Roman and Greek mythology? How does the author suggest their is a divide between...

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