The Lost Hero Character Descriptions

Rick Riordan
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Jason Grace

This character is represented as one of the strongest characters in the book. The character's leadership skills and ability to get help from the highest of forces are essential to the completion of the quest.

Piper McLean

As the story develops, this character understands what it is too be a woman. The more she understands that fact, the more powerful she becomes.

Leo Valdez

This character can't stop moving until something utilizes his many skills. By the end of the story, this character, for the first time in his life, feels he has found his people and his home.

Coach Hedge/Gleeson Hedge

It comes as a great surprise to many people that this character is actually only half human; the characters rather threatening and gruff personality was mostly to hide who he was and to keep eye on some very important people.


This character...

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