The Lost Hero Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rick Riordan
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Chapters 1-4, Jason and Piper

• Jason wakes up on a school bus with no memory of who he is or where he is. His girlfriend and Leo explain to him that he is attending a school for difficult teenagers in Nevada, but that only confuses him more.

• Suddenly Coach Hedge walks into the aisle screaming through his megaphone and with a baseball bat at his side. He tells the kids they will be soon looking around the Niagra Falls and its museum. If they don't behave, he may have to use his bat.
• In the museum Piper is lead away by a boy called Dylan. Jason wants to help her, but as Leo says she hates them fighting her fights for her. Reluctantly they both join the others on the glass platform that looks down to the depths of the Falls.

• A violent storm breaks out and the...

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