The Lost Girls of Paris Fun Activities

Pam Jenoff
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Create A Visual Representation

Create a visual piece of art that symbolically portrays The Lost Girls of Paris treatment of the dreams motif. Use the medium of your choice to create your depiction, but be sure to reference the text during the creation process.

Make an Audio Recording

Choose a scene from The Lost Girls of Paris that features sensory details concerning sound. Then create an audio recording of the scene and play it for the class. The scene you choose need not be one that includes dialogue.

Paper Doll Creation

Choose a character whose clothing and/or physical qualities Jenoff describes in detail. Construct a paper doll of this character, using cardboard as your material. Then create an outfit for this character while referring to Jenoff's meticulous descriptions to fuel your choices.

Create a Character Map

Create a poster that depicts the relationships, both past and present...

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