Daily Lessons for Teaching The Lost City of Z

David Grann
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Lesson 1 (from Part One - Chapters 1-5)


The objective of this lesson is to examine obsession and what the author conveys to readers about obsession through the explorers mentioned in Part One. Obsessions can lead people to do great things or terrible things. In the Lost City of Z, obsession leads men to become explorers.


Class Discussion: How did Fawcett gain fame? In what way did obsession drive Fawcett to be an explorer? What things did Fawcett want to learn on his explorations? Why did Fawcett decide to go to the Amazon in 1925? What did he believe was there? How did Fawcett's obsession help him to push himself physically? In what way are all the explorers in Part one obsessive? How did finding adventure and recognition play into each person's obsession? How did the drive to be first or to gain knowledge no one else had fuel obsessions? How many explorers in...

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