The Lost City of Z Fun Activities

David Grann
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Expedition Leader

Imagine that you are the leader of an expedition into the Amazon. List the supplies that you would need to take with you.

The Explorer

Read Rudyard Kipling's The Explorer. Discuss with a group why the poem was important to Fawcett and whether the poem describes Fawcett.


Create a family tree for Fawcett and his descendants.

Panama Canal

Research the building of the Panama Canal and write a short report about what you learned.


Find a place outdoors and write down everything that you see in the style that Fawcett and others trained at the Royal Geographical Society would have made notes about things they saw.

The Lost City of Z: The Movie

Watch the movie based on the book.

Flora and Fauna

Create a poster of photos of dangerous flora and fauna in the Amazon, include at least 3-5 examples of both plants...

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