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David Grann
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Essay Topic 1

Fawcett became obsessed with finding the city of Z, explorers became obsessed to find Fawcett, and even the author became obsessed to learn what happened to Fawcett. What is the basic motivation for the obsession that affects so many people in the book, and how does that motivate individuals to pursue their goals?

Essay Topic 2

The Royal Geographical Society was founded in 1830. What was the role of the Society in geography and exploration, and why was the society so necessary in the nineteenth century?

Essay Topic 3

Fawcett was taught to use autopsis when he studied to become an explorer. What is autopsis and why was it so important for spies and for explorers?

Essay Topic 4

Various conflicts plagued Fawcett during his expeditions. What different types of conflicts did Fawcett experience on his expeditions, and how did those conflicts affect the success of his missions?

Essay Topic 5

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