The Lost City of Z Character Descriptions

David Grann
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Colonel Percy Fawcett

This person was an explorer in the early twentieth century who helped map the Peru-Bolivian border and who disappeared in the Amazon while searching for a lost city.

The Author (David Grann)

This person is an award-winning journalist who writes for The New Yorker. He writes about an explorer who vanished in 1925 and how he went to find the explorer.

Nina Fawcett

This person was married to an early twentieth century explorer and the mother of his three children.

Jack Fawcett

This person was the son of an early twentieth century explorer, and he disappeared during an expedition to the Amazon with his father and with his best friend.

Raleigh Rimell

This person was the best friend of a young man whose father was a famous early twentieth century explorer. He went on an expedition to the Amazon and disappeared with the other members of the...

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