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Dave Pelzer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While at the Turnboughs, why does David only wash his clothes on Saturdays and Sundays?
(a) That's his scheduled time to wash his clothes.
(b) He doesn't like washing clothes, and is forced to do it then.
(c) Those are the only days he's home.
(d) He knows the social workers won't come on those days.

2. What did David's new psychiatrist feel David would benefit from reading?
(a) Medical books.
(b) Education books.
(c) Animal books.
(d) Psychology books.

3. How did David really feel about the plan he was bragging about to his classmates?
(a) He thought it would never happen.
(b) He thought it would be fun.
(c) He thought it would be an adventure.
(d) He thought it would be boring.

4. Why was the Jones' foster care home closed down?
(a) Mrs. Jones died.
(b) Mrs. Jones wanted a divorce.
(c) Mr. Jones was accused of rape.
(d) Mr. Jones wanted a divorce.

5. What does David begin to turn off because of all the drama that's been in his life?
(a) His hearing,
(b) His fears.
(c) His understanding,
(d) His emotions.

6. Who becomes David's probation officer?
(a) Stephen Pelzer.
(b) Ms. Gold.
(c) Gordon Hutcheson.
(d) Carl Miguel.

7. When David arrives at The Catanzes' house after his release from the Hill, what do the other foster children do?
(a) They avoid him.
(b) They look at him differently.
(c) They throw him a party.
(d) They play a game with him.

8. While living with the Jones, David becomes best friends with what person?
(a) Johnny.
(b) John.
(c) Carlos.
(d) Adam.

9. What happened to David when he called a girl a 'horror'?
(a) Nothing, The girl thought it was funny.
(b) The girl told the teacher, and David got detention.
(c) Her brother beat him up after school.
(d) The girl told her parents, and David went to the Hill.

10. What did Johnny Jones dare David to do?
(a) Steal an airplane from Walgreen's.
(b) Steal a magazine from the book store.
(c) Steal a pen from their teacher.
(d) Steal a beer from the grocery store.

11. Who was the superintendent of the Hill's C-Wing?
(a) Rudy Cantanze.
(b) Ms. Gold.
(c) Carl Miguel.
(d) Gordon Hutcheson.

12. Who do Carlos and David bump into while at an elementary school near their middle school?
(a) Kevin, David's brother.
(b) Rick, David's brother.
(c) John, David's brother.
(d) Russell, David's brother.

13. How does David describe the new neighborhood that he and his foster family move to in the "Coming Around" chapter?
(a) He calls it 'The Ghetto.'
(b) He calls it 'The Cookie-cutter.'
(c) He calls it 'The Leave it to Beaver' neighborhood.
(d) He calls it 'The Trailerpark.'

14. What did Lilian tell David about his turtle on the ride home to The Cantanzes' house?
(a) She said it died.
(b) She said she gave it to another child.
(c) She said it ran away.
(d) She said it was soup.

15. Who is Uncle Lee?
(a) David's mother's brother.
(b) David's former foster parent.
(c) David's father's brother.
(d) A Pelzer family friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. In order to stay friends, what task does John ask David to complete?

2. Why did David feel he did well at the juvenile lock-up?

3. One day, David arrives at school and sees that John had attempted to go through with the plan. What happens as a result?

4. What do David and his brother agree to do the following day?

5. Who was David's second visitor at The Hill?

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