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Dave Pelzer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What arrangements did Gordan have to make for David because he couldn't find a foster home for him?
(a) David had to stay at the Hill.
(b) David had to stay with Gordan.
(c) David had to stay with his mother.
(d) David had to stay at the Cantanzes'.

2. What actions cause David to gain acceptance from his peers?
(a) Lying.
(b) Fighting.
(c) Crying.
(d) Stealing.

3. What does David begin to turn off because of all the drama that's been in his life?
(a) His understanding,
(b) His emotions.
(c) His hearing,
(d) His fears.

4. Who called David the day before he left for the Air Force?
(a) His mother.
(b) Ms. Gold.
(c) His father.
(d) Alice.

5. When David arrives at The Catanzes' house after his release from the Hill, what do the other foster children do?
(a) They throw him a party.
(b) They look at him differently.
(c) They play a game with him.
(d) They avoid him.

6. What information does David's second visitor at the Hill tell him?
(a) That his mother wants him back.
(b) This second visitor wants David to live with them.
(c) That David will be asked to leave the Hill soon.
(d) That his mother is trying to have him put in a mental institution.

7. Why did David quit school?
(a) He moved to a new foster care home.
(b) He got a job as a firefighter.
(c) He didn't quit school.
(d) He got a job selling cars.

8. In order to stay friends, what task does John ask David to complete?
(a) He asks him to run away.
(b) He asks him to let the air out of the teachers tires.
(c) He asks him to bust out the windows of a car.
(d) He asks him to start a fight.

9. What realization did David have after meeting with his father in the "Break Away" chapter?
(a) That he would move in with his father when he turned 18.
(b) That he would see his father the next day.
(c) That he would never see his father again.
(d) That he didn't love his father.

10. One day, David arrives at school and sees that John had attempted to go through with the plan. What happens as a result?
(a) Everyone thinks David set the fire.
(b) Everyone blames John.
(c) Nothing, nobody cares about the plan.
(d) Everyone thinks David is a hero.

11. After the failed plan, what does David beg John to do?
(a) He asks him to tell the truth.
(b) He asks him to stay the night.
(c) He asks him to lie.
(d) He asks him to run away.

12. Gordan visits David in July 1974, what is the purpose of the visit?
(a) To tell David the Cantanzes want to adopt him.
(b) To tell David he has to go back to his mother's.
(c) To tell David it is time to move.
(d) To tell David he is going to be his foster parent.

13. What was David's father afraid would happen if his co-workers found out his son started a fire?
(a) He was afraid they would throw him a party.
(b) He was afraid they would stop talking to him.
(c) He was afraid it would hurt his career.
(d) He was afraid they would tease him.

14. When David is 17, he becomes bored with school. He knows he will be leaving the foster care system soon and has a more important interest. What interest is more important to him than school?
(a) Girls.
(b) Working to earn money.
(c) None, he loves school.
(d) His motorbike.

15. What wing in the Hill was David eventually moved to?
(a) The C-Wing.
(b) The F-Wing.
(c) The D-Wing.
(d) The A-Wing.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did David really feel about the plan he was bragging about to his classmates?

2. What did Lilian bring with her on her visit to the Hill?

3. Who becomes David's probation officer?

4. After David leaves the Jones' foster home, which foster home did he revisit?

5. David is sent to live with Harold and Alice Turnbough. What aren't The Turnboughs licensed for?

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