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1. Describe how the narrator feels about suicide.

The narrator feels that suicide calculated in advance is not a spontaneous act of desperation. He finds Wertheimer's death to be a result of Glenn's death and his sister's marriage and believes that it takes great discipline not to commit suicide.

2. Describe what is significant about the Mozarteum.

The Mozarteum is where the three friends met for the first time and studied the piano. The Mozarteum is located in Salzburg, Austria which is one of the main antagonists to the novel and the friends ended up hating the Mozarteum and Salzburg.

3. How does the narrator feel about Horowitz?

The narrator feels that Horowitz was the true destroyer of himself and Wertheimer. They all came to Salzburg to study with him. Horozwitz made Glenn a master of the piano and the other two second rate, thus the narrator says he can blame Horowitz, not Glenn for his failures.

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