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Lesson 1 (from Section 1: p. 3-16)


Section 1: p. 3-16

From the beginning of the novel, we are informed that death is a prominent theme in "The Loser." This lesson will discuss the foreshadowing of suicide and death in the novel.


1. Group Discussion:

Divide the class in groups and discuss how the reader is informed from the beginning of the novel that suicide is an important and prominent aspect to the novel. Who commits suicide? How is this death different from the other death in the novel? Why does Bernhard discuss the suicide?

2. Class Debate:

Divide the class in two, have one side argue that having the suicide foreshadowed at the beginning of the novel supports the overall theme of the novel and the other side argue that having the suicide be a surprise to its reader would be more effective than expecting it. Use evidence from the text to support your...

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