The Loser Fun Activities

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Play a game of jeopardy using questions that relate to "The Loser."

Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle using terms and characters from "The Loser." Distribute crossword puzzles to students to help them prepare for the exam.

Divide the class into groups and create a word search with terms from the novel and then switch with another group.

Dress Up

Dress up as your favorite character from "The Loser" for class.

Show and Tell

Bring in something from home that reminds you of "The Loser" and share it with the class. Explain the significance of the item.

Embody the Story

Have each student create their own movement to tell the story of the novel. Let each student add a movement to create a dance.

Scene It

Rewrite your favorite scene from "The Loser" in a different tone or perspective. Share the new scene in a...

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