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The person eventually quits playing the piano, but later decides to become a piano virtuoso to annoy their parents.


This individual entertains many artistic visitors before his suicide, causing another character to feel guilty when he or she realizes that they were included, but ignored this individual's request.

Glenn Gould

This person is the only one of the trio of friends to disprove its parents' disapprobation of a musical career and becomes the greatest piano virtuoso of the twentieth century.

Wertheimer's Guests

These individual's are other students that attend the music conservatory and destroy a lot of personal items at the lodge in Traich.

Wertheimer's Sister

This individual lives with a family member for twenty years before marrying a Swiss.

Schoolteacher's Daughter

This person is nine years old, has no talent, and promptly ruins the expensive piano given as a gift.


This person has a...

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