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This was the branch of the military Herriot has just finished a stint with when he wrote this novel.

Yorkshire Dales

This was the area in England where most of Herriot's patients lived.

Skeldale House

This was the house where Herriot, his wife and young son lived.

The Dispensary

This was the location in Herriot's veterinary offices where the medicines were compounded and mixed.

A 1933 Morris Oxford

Siegfried test drove this car with the idea of getting a spare car for the practice.

Iris Clausen

This was the ship upon which Herriot sailed when he went to Russia as the veterinary assistant for a herd of sheep.

Kiel Canal

This was passed through on the way to Russia.

An injection of M & B 693

This was promised to cure foul of the foot in cattle.


This was a steroid injection that Herriot gave the sheep...

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