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Chapters 1-3

• Herriot was trapped under a gate he had not yet fixed when he thought about Mr. Ripley and castrating his bulls. It was harder than calves because of their size.

• Mr. Ripley promised to not wait so long the next time. One night, Ripley asked for help with a cow he thought had a broken leg. It was only an embedded hobnail.

• Before Herriot left, he asked him to castrate another bull. Herriot laughed when Ripley promised it wouldn't happen again.
• A man said his dog got sick every time he went to the races. Herriot did not believe him.

• After a while, Herriot went to see the dog and found he was sick and fixed him. It happened so fast that the owner didn't believe anything was really wrong.
• Sigfried, Herriot's partner, got mad when the car broke down. He decided to find a spare...

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