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Frank Beddor
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 – 32 Pages 148 – 220.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first thing Bibwit wants Alyss to learn during her tutoring lessons?
(a) Bibwit wants her to read the book with the lists of atrocities Redd has committed.
(b) Bibwit hopes Alyss will learn about Black Imagination in order to avoid inadvertently using it.
(c) Bibwit has the book In Queendom Speramus and expects her to memorize the contents.
(d) Bibwit wants Alyss to learn how to control her imagination.

2. Who is the one child that does not believe Alyss' stories of Wonderland?
(a) Andrew.
(b) Charlie.
(c) Francine.
(d) Margaret.

3. What does Hatter consider a bad omen?
(a) His backpack is broken.
(b) He is not with Alyss.
(c) He is in Paris, France.
(d) His top hat is missing.

4. When Alyss pops out of the water, where does she end up?
(a) In London, England.
(b) In another puddle in a street.
(c) In Paris, France.
(d) In the end of a parade.

5. Why can the power of imagination not be used to kill enemies?
(a) White Imagination has a law against killing.
(b) Only Black Imagination can kill.
(c) The will to live is indestructible.
(d) The power of imagination is not strong enough.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Alyss think it is no use getting close to people?

2. What is the plan Hatter comes up with for searching for Alyss?

3. What does Dodge use to dig his father's grave?

4. How does King Nolan know they will soon be under attack by Redd?

5. What are Alyss and Dodge doing when Jack of Diamonds finds them?

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