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Frank Beddor
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 33 – 46 Pages 221 – 293.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What impresses Prince Leopold the most about Alice?
(a) She is the most beautiful women he has ever met.
(b) Alice is highly intelligent and service minded.
(c) She is a princess and his equal.
(d) Alice does not seem to care about his opinion of her.

2. Why does Hatter decide to jump into the Pool of Tears?
(a) He is tasked with protecting Alyss.
(b) It is the only way to escape The Cat.
(c) The seekers are upon them.
(d) He believes Alyss will return.

3. Why does Alice believe all of her stories are fantasy after she leaves Reverend Dodgson on the riverbank?
(a) Her belief in Wonderland has caused her too much hurt and trouble.
(b) The Liddells have convinced her that it was all her imagination.
(c) Alice believes it is time she grew up and stopped believing in make-believe.
(d) Wonderland is entirely made up by Alice Liddell.

4. What makes their home in the Volcanic Plains?
(a) Glass Eyes.
(b) Jabberwocks.
(c) Caterpillars.
(d) Outerwilderbeasts.

5. What is Redd's punishment of Jack of Diamonds for his treachery?
(a) A wig-beast beats him up.
(b) Redd stabs him with her scepter.
(c) Redd chokes him.
(d) The Cat attacks him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the remaining army of Queen Geneveive escape to?

2. Why does Alice agree to marry Prince Leopold when he proposes?

3. What does Redd demand from the Cat when he returns from his chasing Alyss and Hatter?

4. How does Jack bring The Cat and Card Soldiers to the Alyssian Camp?

5. Who is Alyss chasing through the streets of London?

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