Objects & Places from The Looking Glass Wars

Frank Beddor
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Heart Crystal

This is a source of energy for all imagination in Wonderland, as well as a portal for inventions to be sent out to the rest of creation to create and implement.


This is the capital city of Wonderland, the pinnacle of imagination in Wonderland.

Mount Isolation

This is the name of Redd's Castle. It has been Redd's home since she was exiled from Heart Palace and Wondertropolis for her misdeeds and practice of Dark Imagination.

White Imagination

This is the use of imagination for purposes that promote overall goodness, peace, and prosperity.

Dark Imagination

This is the use of imagination for evil purposes; to harm, cause distress, anger and the like.

The Cat

This is Redd's most fearsome soldier who is a cat with human traits—he speaks, thinks—and has nine lives.

Looking Glass Maze

Any hopeful queen must pass through this and meet...

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