The Looking Glass Wars Fun Activities

Frank Beddor
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Mapping Hatter Madigan's Travels

Hatter Madigan travels the world looking for Alyss. He starts in Paris, France and ends up in London, England. Create a map and identify the places he travels to looking for Alyss.

The Liddells

The Liddell's were the adoptive family of Alyss. However, they were a real family during Queen Victoria's reign. Research the family and what they are noted for, including Alice being the muse of Reverend Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll.

Reverend Dodgson History

Reverend Dodgson was an actual person in history. Research his achievements, and the reasons for his using the pen name of Lewis Carroll when he wrote and published his Alice in Wonderland novels.

The Looking Glass Maze

The Looking Glass Maze was created as a challenge to Alyss in determining her ability to be a fit queen of Wonderland. Create a visual depiction of the maze using a medium...

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