The Looking Glass Wars Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Frank Beddor
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Essay Topic 1

How is Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland different from The Looking Glass Wars? Read Alice in Wonderland. Compare and contrast the two stories analyzing the differences and reasons for those differences.

Essay Topic 2

The Pool of Tears is a portal that leads to other worlds. Why does the Pool of Tears transport people out of Wonderland? Why do you think it existed in Wonderland? Analyze why the Pool of Tears is named as such and was included in the story.

Essay Topic 3

How does Alyss adapt to the changes she faces from Wonderland to England? How does she change? Alyss transforms from a young girl, raised in luxury, to a young girl living on the streets of London, to a young woman engaged to a prince of England. Trace the growth of Alyss' character and analyze how it evolved throughout the story.

Essay Topic 4

Why is...

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