The Looking Glass Wars Character Descriptions

Frank Beddor
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Alyss Heart

This person is the protagonist of the story and the one that will save all the people of Wonderland from Redd.

Redd Heart

This person is the antagonist of the story and determined to control Wonderland, destroy the people in power, and enforce Black Imagination on everyone.

Dodge Anders

This person is best friends with the protagonist and is a palace solider in-training.

Bibwit Harte

This person is a scholar and the a tutor to the Royal family.

General Doppleganger

This person is a general of the royal army with the ability to physically split into multiple people.

The Liddells

This family adopted the protagonist from the Charing Cross Foundling Hospital.

Reverend Dodgson

A friend to the protagonist and the Liddells, this character compiled all of the protagonist's stories of Wonderland and wrote Alice’s Adventures Underground.

Geneieve Heart

The Queen of Wondertropolis and a practitioner of...

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