The Looking Glass Wars Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Frank Beddor
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Chapters 1 – 11 (including Prologue) Pages 1 – 71

The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson plan: Beddor, Frank. The Looking Glass Wars. Speak, 2007. First version.

Prologue - Chapter 2

• We meet Alyss, the protagonist, on a picnic in Oxford, England, as she receives the book Alyss’s Adventures Underground from Reverend Dodgson and is devastated that he has turned her stories into nonsense stories.

• Then, we meet Alyss in Wonderland, while she attends the Inventor’s Parade, held in Wondertropolis, Wonderland, in celebration of her seventh birthday.

• Queen Genevieve chastises Alyss for not controlling her imagination.

• King Nolan of Wonderland, Queen Genevieve’s husband, and King Arch of Outerwilderbestia are discussing a treaty to combine forces to fight off Redd, Queen Genevieve’s evil sister. King Arch is not supportive of queens—he feels they should all be kings—and denies his alliance to King Nolan and Queen...

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