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Bernard Moitessier
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Short Answer Questions

1. What damage did Moitessier suffer at 31 degrees latitude?

2. What was Moitessier following when he passed the Canary Islands?

3. Where is Trinidad?

4. What did Moitessier want to send to the Sunday Times?

5. What did Moitessier think the porpoises were trying to tell him as he passed New Zealand?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were conditions like when Moitessier approached the Cape Agulhas lighthouse, and did he accomplish what he set out to do by approaching land?

2. Describe the fish that followed Moitessier's boat.

3. What were Moitessier's Christmas meditations?

4. Describe Moitessier's sailing experience in a junk.

5. How did Moitessier celebrate Christmas 1968?

6. Describe Moitessier's passage past New Zealand.

7. What was the old Taicong legend that Moitessier recalled when he was approaching Cape of Leeuwin?

8. What event does his interaction with the freighter make Moitessier think back to?

9. How did Moitessier make repairs to his boat after the accident?

10. What wildlife did Moitessier see on his trip?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Moitessier was only able to build the Joshua because of money he had made from the proceeds of his book Vagabond of the Southern Seas. In what ways is The Long Way consistent with Vagabond and in what ways does it mark a progression for Moitessier? What had he learned by the time he wrote The Long Way?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the plot of The Long Way. How does Moitessier maintain dramatic tension in order to keep a reader interested and curious about the scene and what will come next? How does he balance the need to interest a reader with the desire to slow down and meditate and consider the meaning of things?

Essay Topic 3

Is Moitessier a misanthrope who hated people and therefore wanted to be away from them or merely an introvert who preferred his own company? Characterize Moitessier's temperament and his reasons for wanting to be alone for 10 months with only a few encounters with other people.

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