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Bernard Moitessier
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Moitessier do when he was on deck as he approached Cape Horn?
(a) Studied books for accounts of rounding Cape Horn.
(b) Wore his safety harness.
(c) Looked for signs of land.
(d) Studied the seas for signs of gales.

2. What book was Moitessier reading in which characters debated a passage in the Bible?
(a) Their Eyes Were Watching God.
(b) East of Eden.
(c) Around the World in 180 Days.
(d) The Octopus.

3. How did Moitessier make money to finance his sailing?
(a) By working for short stints in port.
(b) By writing about his sailing.
(c) By taking charters.
(d) By performing repairs on other ships.

4. Why did Moitessier feel that he was sailing faster than he had on previous voyages as he approached Cape Horn?
(a) His boat is better-designed.
(b) He had a better system of trimming sails.
(c) He is more experienced.
(d) His boat is lighter.

5. How much did sails for Moitessier's boat cost in 1968?
(a) $200.
(b) $20,000.
(c) $2,000.
(d) $5,000.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what purpose did Moitessier put on his wetsuit?

2. What did Moitessier find when he reached the Galapagos Islands?

3. How is Moitessier progressing when he enters the Pacific Ocean?

4. What Bible passage were characters debating in the book Moitessier was reading?

5. What had conditions been like when Moitessier approached Cape Horn with his wife on an earlier voyage?

Short Essay Questions

1. What maintenance did Moitessier do after he passed the Falklands?

2. Describe Moitessier's suit of sails.

3. Why did Moitessier ultimately decide not to round Cape Horn again?

4. Describe Moitessier's rounding of Cape Horn.

5. Why did Moitessier sail the capes in the order he did?

6. What was Moitessier thinking as he approached Capetown for the second time?

7. What had Moitessier's friends done to develop Tahiti themselves?

8. Describe Moitessier's attempt to give word of his progress in the Falklands.

9. How much ice did Moitessier see on his trip around Cape Horn?

10. What is heaving-to?

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