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Bernard Moitessier
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Moitessier avoid off the coast of Tasmania?
(a) A reef and a rock.
(b) Pirates.
(c) Sharks.
(d) A gale.

2. Which of the following were NOT friends of Moitessier's who were also sailing in the race?
(a) Bill King,
(b) Nigel Tetley.
(c) Fougeron.
(d) Loick.

3. What happened after Moitessier approached the town in Trinidad?
(a) A boat came to take his film.
(b) He anchored.
(c) No one came out, so he left.
(d) He signaled and sailed on.

4. What instrument helps Moitessier estimate his speed and distance traveled?
(a) The tiller.
(b) The barometer.
(c) The log.
(d) The boom.

5. What kind of boat did Moitessier sail in the race?
(a) Catamaran.
(b) Yawl.
(c) Ketch.
(d) Brigantine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What state was Moitessier in when he fell asleep on Christmas?

2. How did Moitessier try to communicate his condition?

3. How did Moitessier typically sleep in good conditions?

4. How much distance was Moitessier covering in a day after good winds returned after rounding the Cape of Good Hope?

5. What organization sponsored the round-the-world race?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Moitessier know about his competitors after rounding the Cape of Good Hope?

2. Describe Moitessier's interaction with a ship in Walker Bay, South Africa.

3. What dangers did Moitessier avoid as he neared Tasmania?

4. Describe Moitessier's first knockdown on the round-the-world trip.

5. What company did Moitessier have after rounding Cape of Leeuwin?

6. Describe the fish that followed Moitessier's boat.

7. What equipment did Moitessier refuse to take with him?

8. What chore could Moitessier only perform in calm weather?

9. Describe Moitessier's interaction with people off the coast of Tasmania.

10. How did Moitessier celebrate Christmas 1968?

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