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Bernard Moitessier
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What land did Moitessier find as he rounded Cape Horn?
(a) Cabo de Hornos.
(b) Diego Ramirez.
(c) Isla Wolleston.
(d) Isla Caroline.

2. What did Moitessier see as he approached Cape Horn?
(a) Shooting stars.
(b) A lunar eclipse.
(c) Aurora Borealis.
(d) A solar eclipse.

3. What was Moitessier wondering about when he rounded the Horn?
(a) Nigel's trimaran.
(b) His wife's birthday.
(c) The prize money from the race.
(d) His childhood home.

4. How is Moitessier progressing when he enters the Pacific Ocean?
(a) Cautiously.
(b) At record speed.
(c) Very slowly.
(d) At a good pace.

5. What had Moitessier's friends planted in the harbor?
(a) Poppies and hashish.
(b) Wheat and rice.
(c) Flowers.
(d) Grass and banana trees.

6. How did Moitessier make money to finance his sailing?
(a) By performing repairs on other ships.
(b) By writing about his sailing.
(c) By taking charters.
(d) By working for short stints in port.

7. How much did sails for Moitessier's boat cost in 1968?
(a) $5,000.
(b) $200.
(c) $2,000.
(d) $20,000.

8. How long would Moitessier's water have lasted him?
(a) 150 days.
(b) 120 days.
(c) 60 days.
(d) 100 days.

9. What did Moitessier dream about after rounding Cape Horn?
(a) Having a baby.
(b) Communicating with friends.
(c) His childhood friends.
(d) His wife's father.

10. Whom did Moitessier say he pitied after he docked his boat?
(a) Wives who haven't seen their husbands in almost a year.
(b) The rats that go to ships to steal food.
(c) Sailors who don't have wild places to sail to any more.
(d) Locals whose livelihoods are disturbed by 'progress'.

11. What Bible passage were characters debating in the book Moitessier was reading?
(a) In the beginning there was the Word.
(b) Thou shalt rule over sin.
(c) Be fruitful and multiply.
(d) Have dominion over the birds and beasts.

12. What did Moitessier look for as he approached Cape Horn?
(a) Whales.
(b) Other ships.
(c) A gale.
(d) The Southern Cross.

13. Where did Moitessier use Vaseline on his boat?
(a) Spreaders.
(b) Reef points.
(c) The sail track.
(d) Mast rungs.

14. What did Moitessier imagine as he slept while he was rounding Cape Horn?
(a) That his brother was telling him to sleep.
(b) That he had forgotten something important.
(c) That someone was looking for him.
(d) That he could not find his wife.

15. What had conditions been like when Moitessier approached Cape Horn with his wife on an earlier voyage?
(a) Calm.
(b) Pleasant.
(c) Foul.
(d) Stormy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Moitessier tell himself the figure in his daydream really was?

2. What did Moitessier find when he reached the Galapagos Islands?

3. What did Moitessier imagine after he decided where he was going to end his voyage?

4. How much water did Moitessier have after rounding Cape Horn?

5. Where was the boat when Moitessier woke up from his sleep?

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