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Bernard Moitessier
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Moitessier learn sailing junks as a youth?
(a) How to sail without a compass.
(b) How to navigate by the stars.
(c) How to wash clothing in seawater.
(d) How to read the seaweed and ocean life.

2. What kind of boat did Nigel sail?
(a) Trimaran.
(b) Monohull.
(c) Catamaran.
(d) Brigantine.

3. What did Moitessier remember that happened on his previous boat?
(a) He had run aground.
(b) He was thrown off in a gale.
(c) He had capsized.
(d) He had collided with a cargo ship.

4. What allowed Moitessier's ship to sail so quickly?
(a) Its revolutionary design.
(b) Its light weight.
(c) The calm weather.
(d) Its extraordinary sail area.

5. What part of the freighter hit Moitessier's boat?
(a) The boom.
(b) The bow.
(c) The stern.
(d) The side.

6. What did Moitessier see when he first spied the town in Trinidad?
(a) People fixing fishing nets.
(b) People working.
(c) No activity ashore.
(d) People gathering to watch him sail by.

7. What did Moitessier think back to on Christmas?
(a) Having Christmas with his wife.
(b) Having ham at home.
(c) Killing a rat in Tahiti.
(d) Sailing in England.

8. How was Moitessier going to communicate with others during the race?
(a) By relaying messages through other ships.
(b) By passing certain ports.
(c) By leaving messages in bottles.
(d) By leaving messages in different ports.

9. What did Moitessier use to increase leverage when he was making repairs?
(a) Spare line.
(b) A spare staysail boom.
(c) The mast.
(d) A pry bar.

10. What did Moitessier feel about the thing he thought back to on Christmas?
(a) Fondness.
(b) Regret.
(c) Nostalgia.
(d) Bitterness.

11. Which of the following were NOT friends of Moitessier's who were also sailing in the race?
(a) Loick.
(b) Fougeron.
(c) Bill King,
(d) Nigel Tetley.

12. What kind of boat did Moitessier sail in the race?
(a) Yawl.
(b) Ketch.
(c) Catamaran.
(d) Brigantine.

13. What happened to the fisherman who got magic powers when he saved a talking fish in the story?
(a) He married the woman the fish turned into.
(b) He became a fish as well.
(c) He lost his powers when he asked for too much.
(d) He was drowned when he tried to follow the fish.

14. What was Moitessier's strategy in the around the world race?
(a) To sail with the dominant currents.
(b) To pass the three capes early.
(c) To save the capes until the end.
(d) To sail with the warm weather.

15. Why did Moitessier keep his sails reefed after rounding the Cape of Good Hope?
(a) The winds had gotten light.
(b) He was tired.
(c) He had torn his large sails.
(d) The winds were still howling.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Moitessier remember the weather interpreter needing in order to interpret the weather?

2. What was the name of Moitessier's previous boat?

3. What was Moitessier running low on after rounding the Cape of Good Hope?

4. What port did Moitessier waver about approaching?

5. What was Moitessier's wife's name?

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