Objects & Places from The Long Way

Bernard Moitessier
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Flying Fish, Barracudas, Dorados, Porpoises, Seals

These creatures follow the boat Joshua in during the first part of the journey in the South Atlantic.


This place is a small island that is several hundred miles off the coast of Brazil.

The Cape of Good Hope

This place is at the tip of South Africa.

Cape Leeuwiin

This place is at the southwestern tip of Australia.


This place is an island off the coast of southern Australia.

New Zealand

This place is comprised of two main islands east of Australia.

Cape Horn

This place is the southern tip of South America.

Falkland Islands

This place is a set of islands to the east of Argentina.


This place is a developed island in the Pacific Ocean.

The Galapalagos Islands

These are islands in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Plymouth, England

This place is the port from which the...

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