Daily Lessons for Teaching The Long Way

Bernard Moitessier
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 and 2)


Chapter 1 and 2

The Sunday Times round-the-world race was part of a tradition of round-the-world journeys and races, starting with Magellan's circumnavigation. This lesson discusses the notion of the round-the-world sailing trip and the transition by which it became possible to sail around the world single-handed.


1. Research Activity: Ask students to research the history of circumnavigation. What prominent trips had been made, and what had the motives and consequences been?

2. Short Presentation: Ask students to spend some time preparing and then delivering presentations about the benefits of sailing around the world. What technical developments had been made to make circumnavigation possible? What had come out of the trips?

3. Class Discussion: How did the solo circumnavigation become technically possible, and when did it become a reasonable thing for single sailors to attempt? What kind of tradition was Moitessier participating in, and was he breaking precedent in any...

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