The Long Way Fun Activities

Bernard Moitessier
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Nautical terms

Make a drawing of a yacht like the Joshua, and label as many of the parts as you can. Include as many of the sail configurations as you can.


Bring in some short pieces of line (sailors don't call it rope) and learn some basic sailing knots: the bowline, the clove hitch, the square knot, the sheet bend among others.

Sailing ditties

Bring in some recordings or some sheet music and sing old sailing songs.

Spoof The Long Way

How could you spoof the book--or the title? (Billy Collins' "Sailing Alone Around the Room" comes to mind.) How would you spoof the style or content of the book?


Chart Moitessier's wanderings on a global map. Make a timeline of his wanderings coordinated with the map.

Paving over civilization

Bring a recording of "Pave Paradise" and other songs or writings that address the danger that...

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