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Bernard Moitessier
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Essay Topic 1

What were Moitessier's personal motivations for making the round-the-world trip in this race? Had he sailed in previous long-distance races? Was he competitive and intent on winning the money, or were there other reasons for him to undertake the trip? Describe Moitessier's background and his primary motivations.

Essay Topic 2

What was the cultural atmosphere of England in 1968, and what were the cultural reasons that would lead Moitessier or any other person to want to be alone on a boat, braving the elements, in order to get away from that civilization? Describe the historical context for Moitessier's entry into the race.

Essay Topic 3

One of Moitessier's first important decisions was to decline to take a heavy transmitter but to convey messages in other ways. How important was communication to Moitessier, and how did its importance change over time? Were there occasions when he regretted leaving the transmitter...

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