The Long Way Character Descriptions

Bernard Moitessier
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Bernard Moitessier, the Author

This person sailed around the world one and a half times.

Joshua, the Yacht, the Boat, the Ship

This is the vehicle in which the narrator sails around the world.

The Other Sailors--Bill King, Nigel, Loick Fergeron, Knox-Jo

These people are the competition against whom the author was racing.


This person has several children with the narrator.

Henry Wakelam

This person is a sailor who helps the narrator build boats.

The Taicong

This person is a mystical figure in the navigation of Chinese junks in the Gulf of Siam.

Bob and Robert from the Sunday Times

These people are a photographer and reporter.

Captain Francois Le Bourdais

This person is a retired captain who sails around Cape Horn.

The Monster

This figure stands for civilization and development.

The Pope and the Unknown Stranger

These people are introduced late in the book, and the...

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