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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Day meet Peter?
(a) A support group
(b) A park
(c) Her apartment complex
(d) Her office

2. What political ideal did Forster believe in?
(a) Anarchy
(b) Democracy
(c) Socialism
(d) Theocracy

3. What did Day have to give up in order to live the Catholic life?
(a) All of the things listed here
(b) Her friends
(c) Her husband
(d) Her career

4. What was Aloysia’s occupation?
(a) Mediator
(b) Nun
(c) Photographer
(d) Writer

5. Who was Sasha married to?
(a) Frieda
(b) Florence
(c) Fanny
(d) Flora

6. What did Day and Peter have to work out when they began working together?
(a) Their communication
(b) Their schedules
(c) Their goals
(d) Their location

7. How did Day feel when she was pregnant?
(a) Terrified
(b) Nervous
(c) Confused
(d) Angry

8. How many people were buying Peter and Day’s product by the end of their first year working together?
(a) 200,000
(b) 150,000
(c) 100,000
(d) 50,000

9. What kind of doctrine did Day learn from Peter?
(a) Theocratic
(b) Christian
(c) Thomistic
(d) Paulistic

10. What did Day tour the country to promote?
(a) Suffrage
(b) Protests against the war
(c) Catholic Baptism
(d) The pro-labor movement

11. What was a regret that Day had in her life?
(a) Not being near her family
(b) Not finding God soon enough
(c) Not publishing a novel
(d) Not protecting her daughter from the world

12. What did Day do when she encountered things in the church she did not understand?
(a) She wrote them down
(b) She researched them
(c) She challenged them
(d) She accepted them

13. What did Day say really made the Catholic Worker successful?
(a) Love
(b) Devotion
(c) Creativity
(d) Poverty

14. What did Day like most about her first Catholic Retreat?
(a) The feeling of community
(b) The doctrine that was taught
(c) The closeness to nature
(d) The chance to share her writing

15. What kind of people mostly wanted to live in Day and Peter’s Community?
(a) Radical people
(b) Young people
(c) Foreign people
(d) Educated people

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Day meet Father Roy?

2. What did Day’s love of nature do for her faith?

3. Why did Day put off becoming a Catholic?

4. What made people think the product created by Peter and Day was Communistic in nature?

5. What did Day think was lacking in the church at times?

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