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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Candy say he was the night of Roger's fake suicide?
(a) Eileen's bedroom
(b) The living room
(c) The basement
(d) Roger's bedroom

2. What does Marlowe have to do for Roger to earn $1000?
(a) Ghost write a book
(b) Live with him for three months
(c) Sleep with him
(d) Kiss his feet

3. Why does Candy demand Marlowe give him money?
(a) To take a woman out
(b) To keep silent
(c) To replace the alcohol
(d) To buy medicine for Roger

4. Who does Marlowe ask if Roger knows?
(a) Herbet Spencer
(b) Terry
(c) Brian McFarlane
(d) Paul Marston

5. What was the Demerol supposed to help?
(a) Depression
(b) Broken hearts
(c) Seizures
(d) Asthma attacks

6. What does Eileen make for Roger?
(a) Cake
(b) Tea
(c) Icecream
(d) Coffee

7. What does Marlowe say it is difficult to turn down?
(a) The invitation of a naked woman
(b) Drugs
(c) Money
(d) A glass of whiskey

8. Where does Roger pass out?
(a) In his car
(b) In his bedroom
(c) In the hall
(d) On the lawn

9. What does Harlan Potter threaten to revoke?
(a) Eileen's nursing license
(b) Roger's gun license
(c) Marlowe's driving license
(d) Marlowe's PI license

10. What is the name of the officer that arrives at the Wades' house?
(a) Johnny Twopenny
(b) Bernie Ohls
(c) Frederic Gauche
(d) Jack Green

11. Where does Captain Hernandez suggest Marlowe was on the night of Roger's fake suicide?
(a) The Wade's basement
(b) The Wade's garden
(c) Eileen's bedroom
(d) Roger's study

12. Where does Menendez say Lennox was in 1942?
(a) Off the coast of Norway
(b) Paris
(c) London
(d) Off the coast of Iceland

13. What does Marlowe tell Menendez?
(a) He will soon be dead
(b) He is treading a thin line
(c) Lennox did not have a military record
(d) Get out of the country

14. Where does Marlowe fall asleep?
(a) Eileen's bedroom
(b) The living room
(c) The study
(d) The dining room

15. How does Marlowe describe Big Willie Magoon?
(a) The Incredible Hulk
(b) 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide
(c) Bigger than the Empire State Building
(d) A real freak of nature

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eileen ask Marlowe to do for her?

2. What is Linda Loring drinking at the bar?

3. What department is Ohls head of?

4. Who does Eileen claim killed Sylvia?

5. What kind of weapon does Candy prove that he is skilled with?

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