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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Marlowe meet for the first time at Verringer's property?
(a) Jack Hobbs
(b) Amos Varley
(c) Roger Wade
(d) Randy Starr

2. What part of Terry's body did the shrapnel scar?
(a) His backside
(b) His face
(c) His stomach
(d) His leg

3. What does Terry say his wife is scared for?
(a) Her health
(b) Her family
(c) Her position
(d) Her life

4. What doctor does Marlowe decide he likes the sound of?
(a) Verringer
(b) Verne
(c) Vaughn
(d) Voltage

5. What does Chick Agostino have with him?
(a) A gun
(b) A knife
(c) A guitar
(d) A blond

6. What does Mr. Grenz tell Marlowe not to do?
(a) Smoke
(b) Sit down
(c) Drink
(d) Look directly at him

7. What do witnesses say they saw Terry disguised as?
(a) A Mexican
(b) A woman
(c) An Indian
(d) A Frenchman

8. Where does Marlowe say Terry found Sylvia dead?
(a) The guesthouse
(b) The riverbank
(c) The garden
(d) The conservatory

9. Where did Ashterfelt meet Terry six years before?
(a) London
(b) Paris
(c) New York
(d) Berlin

10. What does Marlowe say Terry wants to remain as?
(a) A trained poodle
(b) An ugly pug
(c) A child
(d) An idiot

11. Who calls Marlowe on the phone before Menendez can speak?
(a) Endicott
(b) Ohls
(c) Morgan
(d) Terry

12. Where did Terry kill himself?
(a) A bathroom
(b) A hotel room
(c) A car park
(d) A restaurant

13. Were does Spranklin take Marlowe?
(a) Home
(b) A cafe
(c) The D.A.'s office
(d) A prison unit

14. What does Terry say his wife's father would do if she was involved in a scandal?
(a) Cut her off
(b) Break her in two
(c) Bail her out
(d) Shoot her

15. What kind of files does Marlowe ask for?
(a) Suspect
(b) Beggar boys
(c) Souls for rent
(d) Barred window boys

Short Answer Questions

1. Who rings Marlowe's doorbell at 5 am?

2. What is Peter's job?

3. What country does Endicott say he is traveling to?

4. When does Marlowe see Lennox again?

5. What does Eileen hand to Marlowe?

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