The Long Goodbye Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Marlowe help Terry in the opening chapter?

Marlowe helps a drunk Terry onto his feet and takes him home, sobering him up enough to get his address and take him back to his own apartment. He sees him again at Thanksgiving. This time, Marlowe intervenes just before a policeman arrests him for drunken behavior.

2. What does Marlowe learn about Terry and Sylvia in this section?

Marlowe learns from the society pages that Terry and Sylvia have remarried and that Sylvia's father is a millionaire.

3. What questions does Marlowe ask Terry when they begin to see more of each other?

Marlowe asks Terry questions, such as why Terry wants to hang out with a private investigator and why he wants to remain as Sylvia's "trained poodle." Terry answers that the correct question should be why Sylvia wants to remain with him.

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