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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 39 through 45.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of Terry's body did the shrapnel scar?
(a) His leg
(b) His stomach
(c) His backside
(d) His face

2. What letter does the doctor's name begin with?
(a) C
(b) Q
(c) V
(d) E

3. What does Terry call Sylvia's father?
(a) A coldhearted son of a bitch
(b) A mama's boy
(c) A man with no heart
(d) An ugly thug

4. What does Granz sign for Marlowe?
(a) An autograph
(b) A release form
(c) A doctor's certificate
(d) A search warrant

5. What has Roger asked Marlowe to destroy?
(a) His socks
(b) His shirt
(c) His papers
(d) His marriage certificate

Short Answer Questions

1. Were does Spranklin take Marlowe?

2. What kind of weapon does Candy prove that he is skilled with?

3. What kind of weapon is Terry holding?

4. What does Marlowe refuse to take from Eileen?

5. Where does Marlowe say Sylvia did not die?

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