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The Dancers

They are performing at the club when Marlowe first meets Lennox.

Cell Number Three

This is where Marlowe is kept when he is arrested for suspicion of murder.

Idle Valley Road

This is where the Wades, the Lorings and the Lennoxes live.

The Carne Agency

This is where George Peters works, a detective agency that has some information that Marlowe hopes will help him.

Sepulveda Canyon

This is the location of Verringer's retreat facility.


This is the bar where Terry and Marlowe go occasionally during their early days together.

Artists Rifles

According to Eileen, this is a territorial regiment. She wears the insignia in memory of a man she says she loved.

Cahuenga Building

This is where Marlowe has a sixth floor office for his private detective agency.


This is where Linda Loring plans to go for a quiet divorce.


This is the...

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