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Chapters 1 through 5

• Marlowe meets Terry Lennox outside a club called Dancers. Terry is very drunk and falls out of his car.

• Marlowe takes Terry home, sobers him up and finds out where he lives.

• Marlowe sees Terry again on New Years Eve and stops a policeman from arresting him.
• Marlowe learns that Terry has remarried his ex-wife Sylvia.

• Terry invites Marlowe out for a drink. Marlowe questions Terry on why he wants to remain married to Sylvia.
• Terry says that his wife is scared of her father, not because she is scared for her life, but because he could easily cut her off from his money.

• Terry comes to Marlowe's apartment with a gun.

• Marlowe invites Terry into his apartment and takes his gun away from him.
• Terry tries to tell Marlowe everything he knows, but Marlowe stops him, pointing out that he cannot hear anything illegal because...

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