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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has run over Dirk and caused some of his injuries?
(a) A motorcycle courier.
(b) Kate in Dirk's own Jaguar.
(c) Thor in a Volkswagen.
(d) A gray Mercedes van.

2. How does the author characterize the Eighties?
(a) As materialistic.
(b) As utopian.
(c) As brilliant.
(d) As meat-eating.

3. As Dirk turns through Islington, he begins the long haul past _____.
(a) Hamburger joints and vision centers.
(b) Pet groomers and hair salons.
(c) Pizza restaurants and estate agents.
(d) Laundromats and car repair shops.

4. What does Odin have to promise Woodshead to stay there?
(a) Valhalla.
(b) His entire estate.
(c) His son, Thor.
(d) His god-like powers.

5. What kind of script is on the papers Dirk stares at as he contemplates what to do about the eagle in his house?
(a) Old French.
(b) Sanskrit.
(c) Cuneiform.
(d) Runic.

Short Answer Questions

1. How can Tsuliwaensis tell Kate is a mortal?

2. Where had the jet fighter tried to shoot Thor down before?

3. Where does the eagle injure Dirk as he tries to escape to get some cigarettes?

4. In what kind of vehicle does Odin return to Valhalla?

5. What sensory experience for Dirk increases with a heavy sky?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Thor put things right after he tears up Odin's contract and why does he do this?

2. Where does Thor find Odin's contract and what happens when he tries to present the evidence in Valhalla?

3. How does Neil approach Kate about the vending machine?

4. How is Dirk's denial about his smoking habit shown in Chapter 25?

5. What does Dirk think he should do to the Draycotts in regards to his suspicions about them concerning Anstey's death?

6. What does Dirk think of the subconscious mind?

7. How does Dirk hurt himself as he tries to get into confront the eagle?

8. What is Dirk's impression of the eagle when he sees it in the street?

9. What does the hammer that Thor pulls out to fight the eagle with look like?

10. Why was the Aries Rising Record Group founded and how did it evolve?

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