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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the nurse say is rumored of Howard Bell?
(a) That he is in a pact with the devil.
(b) That he eats worms every day.
(c) That he is a saint.
(d) That he has eyes in the back of his head.

2. What does Kate ask if she will need in Asgard before they go?
(a) A blanket.
(b) An ashtray.
(c) A snack.
(d) A coat.

3. What does Odin have to promise Woodshead to stay there?
(a) His son, Thor.
(b) Valhalla.
(c) His entire estate.
(d) His god-like powers.

4. What does Odin say of being a god in reference to the white linen sheets he gets at Woodshead?
(a) It is unclean.
(b) It is resourceful.
(c) It is superior.
(d) It is powerful.

5. What is the only thing that keeps Kate from screaming as she and Thor hurtle through space?
(a) He dignity.
(b) The air pressure.
(c) Thor's body odor.
(d) The rain in her throat.

6. In a rage, what does Thor tell Odin he has found?
(a) The phone book.
(b) His lost helmet.
(c) The remaining stones from Wales.
(d) The contract.

7. What does Kate call Thor when he initially refuses her help with his injuries?
(a) Buster.
(b) Mooch.
(c) Thorkiller.
(d) Stupid.

8. Who does Tsuliwaensis tell Thor to be wary of?
(a) Poseiden.
(b) Clive Draycott.
(c) Toe Rag.
(d) Kate.

9. How does the author describe Odin's hands in the bed at Woodshead?
(a) As still strong and powerful.
(b) As womanly.
(c) As skeletal.
(d) As exquisitely frail.

10. What is the neroli oil Kate puts in Thor's bath distilled from?
(a) Shea nuts.
(b) Bitter orange blossoms.
(c) Bitter almonds.
(d) The argan tree.

11. What does Dirk think he will not be able to handle in terms of the eagle in his house if he tries to go upstairs to get a cigarette?
(a) The sheer ornithology involved.
(b) The memory of his accident.
(c) The thought of the eagle's anger.
(d) His overwhelming queasiness.

12. Where does Dirk decline offers that don't involve the procurement of cigarettes?
(a) York Way.
(b) Stamford Road,
(c) Blackfriar's Road.
(d) Lincolnshire Way.

13. Dirk awakens in the hospital and finds he has _____.
(a) A broken leg.
(b) Lost his sight.
(c) Eaten a salamander.
(d) A broken arm.

14. Why does Dirk think nobody will sell him cigarettes?
(a) Because they aren't in the mood.
(b) Because they are out fo stock.
(c) Because it is raining.
(d) Because he looks like a maniac.

15. What does Thor tear up to bind his injured arm?
(a) Kate's nightgown.
(b) Kate's tablecloth.
(c) Kate's umbrella.
(d) Kate's towel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where had the jet fighter tried to shoot Thor down before?

2. The air at Valhalla is filled with the noiseless howls of _____.

3. What song does Neil suddenly erupt into during Kate's conversation with Thor after his bath?

4. Why does Thor go to Wales to count the things he has to count?

5. What is Dirk looking forward to when he gets out of the hospital?

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